Congrats to Epiphone's Crystal Bowersox who will release her new album, Alive on Friday June 16.  Read our classic interview and check out her performance of the album cut "A Broken Wing" at Epiphone HQ in Nashville with her new Masterbilt Century Olympic. 

"A Broken Wing" was co-written by Bowersox with the help of her touring guitarist David DePrest and is song about hope, determination and perseverance.
"You can make it through any rough patch in your life," Bowersox told "Knowing that even in your darkest moment, its going to be OK. There is always a light on the other side. I know this personally, having been through some dark times and I have always had this little voice inside of me, telling me it was going to be OK some day. I believe it because it's true and I want others to believe it as well."  Visit Crystal's website for tour dates and stay tuned for more good news from Crystal and Epiphone.