The Dave Rawlings Machine featuring Epiphone Olympic fan Dave Rawlings have added new summer tour dates including the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons, Colorado as well as theater dates in Louisville, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Chicago. Dave will also be on tour in August with longtime musical parter Gillian Welch performing their classic album Harrow & the Harvest to celebrate the album's debut on vinyl in late July. 

Visit the website for details and don't miss them in concert.  Be sure to read our classic interview with Dave where he checked out the new Masterbilt Century Olympic archtop and told the story of how he discovered his favorite vintage Masterbilt Olympic.

"Mine is a '35. I found it at a friend's house," Rawlings told "I know that at the time I found it, I had it in my head that I was interested in trying to find an instrument that would sit in a little more of a mid-range part of the tonal spectrum. Like a Dobro or a mandolin, as opposed to a dreadnought lead guitar. I thought it would potentially be more versatile--that you could get away with dreadnought licks on a smaller instrument. The flattop--to me--always has that particular tonal characteristic that doesn't have that midrange-forward thing. Even small bodied flattops have a more pronounced bass.And then we just started tracking and I never played anything else. Even to this day, if I'm playing acoustic guitar on one of our records, it's that instrument."