The family band Echosmith are back with a new single, “Future Me,” from their upcoming album Inside A Dream, which will be out on Warner Brothers on September 29. The band recorded the album in Los Angeles just 40 minutes drive from their hometown of Chino, California.

“We get to basically work from home,” singer Sydney Sierota told Billboard. "It's a great thing, taking your time [while] recording…You never know where a song could go and you never know what it could turn into." 

It’s been four years since Echosmith broke out big with their debut single and now classic “Cook Kids,” which featured the guitarist Jamie Sierota on a classic Epiphone Supernova and bassist Noah Sierota on an Epi Jack Casady. Look for more good news from Echosmith soon and check out their web page for their fall tour dates which kick off September 6 at a secret location in Martin, Tennessee.