Congrats to longtime Epi champion Emily Wolfe on the release of her new single, "Holy Roller," recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Austin, Texas with Alabama Shakes producer Ben Tanner. You can find it at all your favorite digital music stores. Wolfe is one of our favorite new artists and we can't wait to hear a full-length album. Read our interview from earlier this year and keep an eye out for more tour dates and good news soon. Whereas most artists would have bragged about their career during an interview, instead Wolfe talked about her influences like Billy Gibbons, Freddie King, and Barney Kessel. She even asked if the interview could go on for a few more minutes so she could talk about her favorite guitar, the Epiphone Sheraton II, now the Sheraton II PRO.

"The Sheraton II is my all time favorite guitar, no joke," Wolfe told "I’ve actually been a really big fan of B.B. King since I was little and six or seven years ago I went into a Guitar Center-- walked in, I had a budget, and I saw that guitar and it was the most-like a B.B. King guitar that I could find. At first I was kind of hesitant—I thought ‘man this is kind of big.’ But it’s totally now like my third arm. It’s kind of part of me now."