Epiphone Signature artist Gary Clark Jr. will release a new live album, Live North America 2016, on March 17. The tracks were recorded on the road during the tour for his latest studio release, The Story of Sonny Boy Slim. Highlights include "The Healing," "Shake" with guest saxophonist Jeff Dazey, "Our Love," "Cold-Blooded." and "Grinder."

"(Grinder) is about the fact that at any moment life can be taken away from us when we least expect it," Clark told Classic Rock. "But you do what you can to get along – keep grinding and provide for your folks and make your name proud."  Clark will be returning New York to perform with Eric Clapton for Clapton's 50th Anniversary concerts at Madison Square Garden March 19-20. A live DVD is likely to follow.

Read our exclusive interview with Clark about his Signature Ltd. Ed. Blak & Blu Casino. "I pretty much knew from day one that I needed a few things for my arsenal," Clark told Epiphone.com. "The Epiphone Casino is the one that always stood out. I'd always go out and pick one of those in a store when I would go Strait music or Ray Hennigs Heart of Texas Music down here in Austin. And then finally I scrapped up some change and got one and the Casino changed my life...To have the guitar I've always wanted and to be able to customize it--"what if it was this color?"--it's surreal to see it all happen.  I didn't put anything extra on it. I like things as-is, you know? Whatever it is right off-the-shelf. The paint job to me was everything. I could have painted it myself but I went, the professional route and let the guys who made it do the painting (laughs). Everything is pretty much as it would be. To be honest, I loved the original prototype. Maybe I need to step out of the studio and see what's going on."