Rising star and longtime Epiphone fan Kim Logan recently announced new spring tour dates with her killer combo Hydromatic including stops in NYC, Cambridge, Atlanta, Orlando, and of course her adopted hometown of Nashville. Read our recent interview with the fearless operatic rocker about her new release Pseudoscience and catch her in concert with her ever-present Epiphone Dot as soon as you can.

"Pseudoscience is more of a reflection of a lot of the things in the past three years that point back to me finding a way to deal with touring and living in a bubble like Nashville and rise above it," Logan told Epiphone. "The fire under my ass to move to Nashville was sitting in a hair salon and picking up Spin magazine that says “Jack White has moved to Nashville and started a record label.”  And I was like—I can do that!  Lots of people wanted to move to Nashville and try to get signed to his label but I just wanted to move to town and do that myself."