Check out Kylie Rothfield's new video, Miss Me, her first since her barn-burning series of apparances on The Voice which garnered Kylie some serious fans. "The Voice was an incredible, life-changing experience that I'm truly grateful for," Rothfield told, "but I can't let that show be the one thing that defines me as an artist. Working with and continuously staying in contact with Alicia Keys and connecting with a broader fanbase has given me the push I needed to work as hard as I possibly can to make this the best year yet."

The new single "Miss Me" was written with producer Eric Zayne and was Kylie's first new song written after she moved from Nashville to her current home in LA.  "Immediately after finishing the song I felt like it was the soul/pop anthem I've been wanting to write and release for a really long time. It's a new sound that combines my love of old-school blues and empowered female soul-singers with my newfound love of really good pop music. Eric and I played all of the instruments ourselves."

Kylie is warming up for a series of dates in New York next week with her trusty Epiphone Ltd. Ed. ES-339 PRO. "Currently it's my most-used guitar. Every time I take it somewhere new, it gets significantly more attention than myself or the songs I play (laugs). It's definitely the most beautiful guitar I've ever owned and plays like a dream."  Check out Kylie's website and don't miss her in concert.  She won't be playing venues this size for long.

4/7 - Duane Park, NYC
4/8 - SoHo House, NYC
4/10 - Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
4/13 - Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles
5/3 - Arroyo Seco Winery, Pasadena
7/29 - K Street Concerts, Livermore, CA