Check out longtime Epi fan Matt Marshak's new video for "North Carolina" from his latest album, New York. The video was shot in a single day between 8am and 6pm with the aim of helping fans appreciate the spirit of the album.

"I wanted to try and release my music differently this time around. Radio promotion and the standard method seemed outdated to me," Marshak told  "The video--in my opinion--can take an instrumental and tell the full musical story or paint the musical picture so to speak. This particular song I believe embodies everything I hope to strive for. Blending jazz, blues, soul within a song form was the vision. I'm a big believer in a melody and songwriting. I try to play as if i'm the singer. I try to make all the notes count."

Marshak said he frequently performs in North Carolina and his love for the state influenced the song. "I've spent a lot of time performing down in North Carolina and I absolutely love the people, the landscape, and the way of life down there. This song relives some great memories i've had through the years in the great state of North Carolina. You can now see the barns, see the landscape, and walk down the dirt roads with us."

Marshak cut the track live in the studio with his Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III. "I recorded this guitar part direct into an amplifier without anything in-between. I wanted to preserve that old soul/R&b flavor of the tone. For jazzier things, it's usually the Epiphone Sheraton, but for certain sounds like this one the Les Paul seems to be the best fit."

Check out Marshak's website for full tour details.  Also, read our classic Epiphone Jazz Summit feature with Marshak, Tim Bowman, and Nick Colionne. "Sometimes in the purist jazz circles there's an ideology of tradition," Marshak told Epiphone during the Summit, "and I'm probably on the outside of that (laughs). I like a little bit of everything."  Visit Marshak's website for tour details and catch him November 10 and 11 at the Perfect Note in Hoover, Alabama.