One of our favorite songwriters and longtime Epi fan Tristen puts her vintage Casino front and center in her new video, "Glass Jar," the first single from upcoming album, Sneaker Waves. Jenny Lewis contributed backing vocals. The video was directed by Casey Pierce. Check it out below. Read our classic interview and look for the new album July 7.

"My Dad bought me my Casino, Tristen told "He saw me playing at the 5 Spot borrowing someone’s guitar. And the next day my Dad took me to Gruhn’s. It’s a 1966.  She’s Miss America. She’s the best—she stays in tune.  She sounds great. 

From the time I was 14, my Dad and I would make records together. I made a record when I was 20. I’ve had enough experience doing it for fun with my family. I learned ProTools when I came to town. I grew up at in the age when recording equipment became accessible to everybody. The fact that I’m from that generation of musicians who had access to that is very important. I didn’t want to pay somebody to record all the songs I was writing.  I wanted to get them done and keep going!"