All of us at Epiphone wish Nick Colionne a Happy Birthday this weekend and a big congratulations on his incredible achievement of becoming the first artist in the history of Billboard’s Smooth Jazz chart to achieve four consecutive #1's from his latest album, The Journey. Colionne’s most recent single “Uncle Nick,” which was composed by his nephew Nicholas Cole, hit #1 on the chart this week and Colionne sent out a thank you to his team.
"I want to thank Les Cutmore and Jeff Lunt from Trippin "N" Rhythm (Records) for believing in me, and the exceptional artists who helped in bringing this project together: Chris Big-dog Davis, James Lloyd, John Blasucci, my nephew Nicholas Cole, and Darren Rahn. To my touring band (Garrett Body, Collin Clauson, Evel Knight, Jason Grant) - thank you for being on top of your game all the time. To all of you at Radio, thank you for playing my music.  And finally, to my fans around the world...thank you for your love and support; without you this would not be possible."
Longtime Epi fans know that Colionne has always been generous with his time when he visits Nashville. Check out his demonstration of the venerable Epiphone ES-175 Premium and read our classic Jazz Summit feature interview with fellow artists and pals Matt Marshak and Tim Bowman. Congrats and Happy Birthday, Nick, from all of us at Epiphone!