Longtime Epi fan Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds will support U2 on their upcoming fall tour of South America and nearly all of the dates are already sold out. Gallagher told Radio X dj John Kennedy that a new album will be in stores later this year.

“I’ve finished my record now. It’s done, it’s mastered, it’s all done… It’s coming out on November 9, I’ve been told," said Gallagher who remarked that the record was still going through last minute changes.

“I’m not sure I’ll make another record any other way now from now on because it’s so exciting because even at the mastering stage last Friday it was changing. It was like, you know, things were being… things that I thought weren’t going to go on the album are now on the album. And right at the last day of mixing I was thinking ‘What has this song even become?’, do you know what I mean? And the record’s all the better for it.”  Keep your eyes peeled for more good Gallagher news soon.