Epiphone's Pokey LaFarge and his trusty 1946 Epiphone Spartan are on tour this fall in support of his smash new album, Manic Revelations. LaFarge will be performing solo in Cincinnati, Ohio, November 10-12 and with his redoubtable band in Louisville, Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Washington D.C. If you haven't seen Pokey in concert, don't waste a moment in getting tickets when he comes to your town. And knowing Pokey, if he hasn't been to your town yet, he will soon.

Visit Pokey's website for details and read our classic interview.  Not everyone can sound like Pokey but as for his guitar tone, look no further than the critically acclaimed Masterbilt Century Collection, now featuring the Masterbilt Century De Luxe Bass. Read all about it here!

"I was a highly motivated one, always," LaFarge told Epiphone.com. "While I was a confident one, I would also succumb to certain feelings of self-doubt. I was solo and there was so many feeling and ideas I wanted to express and that just couldn't happen until I got a band. I feel I am just within the last year enjoying my songs. I've travelled a lot and along with that many experiences to share. I feel the need to be more socially conscious and community representative in my songs. Those are thoughts that at times can be hard to put into a good song."