Congrats to our Epiphone's Jack Casady for being named Paste Magazine's all-time 8th Best Rock Bassist. Paste's editors noted that: “His throbbing walking bass lines heightened the drama in such seminal standards as 'White Rabbit,' 'Volunteers,' 'Embryonic Journey' and 'Crown of Creation,' helping to launch a style that combined the complexities of jazz with a surging undertow youthful menace that help support the band’s insurgent stance."

This year we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Jack Casady Signature Bass with a rare Flame Maple Top, Wine Red finish, and custom gig bag. Jack's goal was to create a bass that had the best attributes of an acoustic and an electric bass.  And judging by recent tours of Jack White, Paul McCartney, Stone Roses, Diamante Eléctrico, and a dozen other bands that featured the Jack Casady Bass, we'd say that Jack's mission was accomplished.

"You know, I'm always chasing that sound," Casady told "I'm chasing the more --acoustic sound but with the articulation of an electric instrument. That was my philosophy in developing this.My job --and what I want my legacy to be-- is to make something with universal appeal. I wanted to get the instrument to where a jazz player or a pop player or a folk player or a rock player could find that instrument and work inside the instrument with their own technique. It's my feeling that having that single pickup in the sweet spot allows you to then move your hands dynamically over the 'sking' length of the strings. And through various techniques, a player can pull out the different sounds. But at the same time, it's a true, real sound."

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