Epi fans should check out the recent Paul Weller interview for the video series Records In My Life where Weller talks about some of his new favorite songwriters like Lucy Rose, his latest album A Kind Revolution, his late father who was both The Jam's and Weller's longtime manager and supporter ("He told me you've got to follow your dreams"), and The Beatles, who remain an inspiration today as much as they were the night Weller first saw them on television in 1963.  "I saw The Beatles on the Royal Command Performance for The Queen and all that. And my life was irrevocably changed. They still inspire me. They still floor me overtime I hear them."

The first LP Weller bought was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Read our feature on the 50th Anniversary of the album's release along with our interview with Abbey Road engineer Dave Harries who recorded the first version of "Strawberry Fields Forever." Also, check out our interview with Beatles Gear author Andy Babiuk on how The Beatles got introduced to the Epiphone Casino.

"McCartney bought his Casino and Texan right in London," Babiuk told Epiphone.com. "John Mayall told me that the pubs in England would close at 11pm so if you wanted to continue drinking, you had to go to somebody's house. Mayall lived in Central London and had a great blues record collection and a lot of his musician friends would go to his flat to listen. He said McCartney was hanging out with him quite a bit in late 1964 and asking how he got all the sounds on these blues records--B.B. King and guys like that. And Mayall told him you gotta get a hollowbody electric guitar. Now at the time in late 1964, McCartney could have called The Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, and said: 'You know Brian, I want to get a hollowbody electric, can you get me a left handed one? Can you call Gibson or Epiphone in the United States and get me a lefty?' And I would have to say that both Epiphone or Gibson would have bended over backwards in getting him a lefty. But Paul didn't care--he just wanted to shop and went out and bought them."