Guitar legend Peter Frampton dropped by the House of Stathopoulo last week to check out the Epiphone showroom and our priceless collection of guitars from throughout our long history. One instrument that caught Mr. Frampton's eye was the Epiphone Inspired by "1964" Texan signed by Sir Paul McCartney. Frampton is a longtime fan of the Texan and still tours with his own vintage 1964 Texan which he's owned since the late 60s.

"Mine and Paul's are very close together," said Frampton. "Either his is three months older than mine or the other way around. And they both shipped to England! That was a good year. Richard Akers, Supervisor of Epiphone's R&D Department (pictured with Frampton), also showed off several new models being refined for release in the near future.

Visit Frampton's website for tour details and also check out the new box collection, Humble Pie - The A&M Vinyl Boxset 1970-1975.  "I'm so glad that we finally have this fantastic boxset, on vinyl no less, of Humble Pie's great body of work," Frampton said in a press release. "Jerry and I have worked together with A&M for sometime to get this released. We pay tribute to our lost brothers, Steve and Greg, and hope you enjoy this as much as we did putting it together."