This summer, Epiphone's Emily Wolfe is working on a new album but she has made time for a couple of gigs near her home town of Austin, Texas. You can catch her at Rock N Restock in Austin on August 17 and at Sundown at Granada in Dallas on September 16.  Look for more good news soon.

We spoke with Emily just before SXSW where she announced plans to record with Gary Clark Jr. producer Rob Cavallo and told us why she's such a fan of the Epiphone Sheraton II.

"I’ve actually been a really big fan of B.B. King since I was little," Wolfe told Epiphone. "Six or seven years ago I went into a Guitar Center-- walked in, I had a budget, and I saw that guitar and it was the most-like a B.B. King guitar that I could find. At first I was kind of hesitant—I thought ‘man this is kind of big.’ But it’s totally now like my third arm. It’s kind of part of me now. And it’s really been a huge guitar in defining my writing sound. It’s basically my brand now. No one in Austin plays a Sheraton so I feel kind of cool (laughs)."