Be sure to catch Farmer Jason this summer on stage with his one-of-a-kind show which combines his love of farming and rock 'n' roll.  The legendary leader of Jason & the Scorchers is now an Emmy Award winning children's entertainer though the Scorchers still take the stage a few times a year to remind the world where Americana came from. 

Read our classic interview with Jason Ringenberg and visit his website for a Farmer Jason performance near you.

"I’ve been with Epiphone now for 20 years and I’ve found their guitars--the EJ-200 especially--are great sounding guitars. They just have a such a depth to them, such a broad sound. Also, for me what’s kept me with Epiphones is they can handle road work. They’re not fussy. You can pull out those Epiphones after they’ve been traveling 30,000 feet in the air in 40 degree below zero weather in the hold--you can pull them out that night--and they’re gonna play and they’re gonna sound good and that’s what I have to have. I have to have a good sounding, solid guitar and one that’s reliable. That’s why I play them and why I believe in them."