If you're in New York City this month be sure to stop by the Industria gallery in the West Village to check out The Rolling Stones' Exhibitionism show which chronicles the history of the world's last great rock 'n' roll band through their stage costumes, rare photographs, concert films, videos, and instruments, including what appears to be Keith Richards' long lost Epiphone Casino.

Andy Babiuk, author of Beatles Gear, spoke to Epiphone.com about compiling a similar history of The Rolling Stones' historic instruments and found that although Keith's Epiphone Casino was a crucial to the band's early sound (including the session for their first #1 single "Satisfaction"), that original instrument has been missing for decades. 

"Yeah...It's unfortunate," Babiuk told Epiphone.com. "When I did that book for them, there were a lot of things I found out that were stolen from them. And unfortunately, it was done by people who were supposed to be watching their stuff for them. It's kind of sad state of affairs but it is what it is. And Keith would wish to have it back. We got him another old one just like it because he really wanted his Epiphone back and we can't get the original back. We got him a vintage model. Everything was the same on it and he likes it quite a bit."

Exhibitionism will be open to the public through March 15.  Fans should also check out the new documentary The Rolling Stones ¡Olé, Olé, Olé! which documents the band's tour of Latin America including the finale in Havana Cuba.  Check out the band's website for details.