Epiphone fan and all-around rock 'n' roll hero Sheryl Crow is preparing a new album with old friends Jeff Trott and producer Tchad Blake which will return Crow to her roots as a superior pop/rock songwriter--a distinct change of pace from the last few years of distinctly country styled albums. "It was still a great experience and I learned a lot," said Crow in a new interview with Rolling Stone. "But I gotta say that the country market is commerce at its most fully realized. Right now, I want to have an experience that feels detached from anything in commerce."

The new album, titled Be Myself, will be out this spring and features not only the studio collaborators who helped Crow make her early hits like "Everyday Is A Winding Road," but her excellent Nashville-based band as well. "I really wanted to get back to how I got started on my second record and third record," said Crow. "I wanted to revisit that sound and that feeling. It was a complete blast and the most effortless thing I've ever done."

We can't wait. Read our interview with Crow's longtime bassist Robert Kearns who for many years has been playing an Epi Jack Casady on the road. "I think the Jack Casady is one of the best sounding production basses out there," Kearns told Epiphone. "I just love it. Other basses don’t have the bottom end. To my ear, those basses have more bottom end, more oomph.  P-style bases and Jazz basses have more of a mid-ridge tone. But when we wanted a full rock sound…once you get a Jack Casady or Les Paul Bass cranked up, it's over! There’s nothing that’s going to compete with that sound."