Epiphone Signature Artist Slash continues his now year-long tour with the reformed Guns N' Roses. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers kick off a summer European tour in Dublin on May 27 that will run through July with stops in France, Austria, Israel, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Poland, and Belgium. And you can bet most if not all the shows will be sell-outs.

Slash is also the featured artist for the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association's 2017 Beastly Ball. The Zoo is celebrating their 50th Anniversary with Epi fan Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band, Jack Black, and Grace Potter. The show will take place in the Zoo's Botanical Garden on Saturday, May 20 at 6pm. Don't miss it.

And if you or someone close to you is starting guitar and needs an all-in-one combo, look no further than the Epiphone Slash "AFD" Les Paul Performance Pack, designed by Slash himself featuring a Slash Les Paul Special II and Snakepit 15 amp plus free lessons from eMedia in four languages. Read all about it and check out our classic interview with Slash.

"It's been an interesting road from the mid 90s up until now," Slash told Epiphone. "I never stopped to think, 'What am I gonna to do in the long term?' Or ruminated on my solo career, where it was heading. I've just been jamming around, going wherever the muse has taken me. And this is the first time where I feel like I'm in the saddle and riding my own destiny with some genuine focus."