The Strypes have announced their new album Spitting Image will be out June 16.  The sessions were produced by Ethan Johns, son of legendary engineer Glyn Johns who produced landmark LPs for the Rolling Stones, The Who, and the original mix of The Beatles' Let It Be. Ethan Johns has most recently produced albums for Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and Ryan Adams' classic Heartbreaker. “The Strypes are the real deal,” said Johns. “Bands like this don't come around very often. I feel lucky to have recorded them.”

“It’s the first time we really feel we captured our rawness,” said guitarist Josh McClorey on the band's website, “and Ethan was hugely important in that. He was the king of getting everybody on the same wavelength before going in for a take. We had about 20 songs, so we’d do two a day, not many takes each, for two weeks, leaving two weeks for mixing. In between we’d sit in a circle and talk shite for a couple of hours, about anything – ‘Dark Matter’ or whatever – then we’d go in again, and that’s when you’d get the take."

The Strypes have been big Epiphone fans since the beginning and we can't wait to hear the new album. Check out the new single "Oh Cruel World" and stand by for more updates soon.