Over the last year, Epiphone has welcomed several artists from Third Man Records into the House of Stathopoulo including Fats Kaplin, Jack White and TMR studio and touring bassist Dominic Davis, and Masterbilt Century fan Margo Price. So the news that TMR is opening its own vinyl pressing plant--the first new pressing plant anywhere in the world in decades--in White's hometown of Detroit is great news not only for some of our favorite artists (since all of their releases are available on vinyl) but to all artists out there making a racket in the name of popular music. 

Many of the great pressing plants still operating in the U.S. are straining under the ever-growing demand for vinyl which stems from a general dissatisfaction for low quality downloads and the ho-hum compact disc, which seems to be on its way out at least according to sales. Ironically, even as the general quality of digital (and cd manufacturing) has vastly improved over the last decade, vinyl seems to be back for good and for many Mom & Pop record stores, the resurgence of vinyl sales is what has kept their doors open. The "motor city" is once again making rock 'n' roll news and you can bet many of our Epiphone artists based in the U.S. will be putting in their orders soon. Read more about the environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art new vinyl pressing machines--the first in over a generation--at the TMR website. A special opening day concert is planned for late February. Stay tuned for details.
While you're finishing your masterpiece for vinyl, read our feature interview this month with TMR artist Margo Price who spoke to us from Sam Phillips' state of the art of analog studio (circa 1959) in Memphis, another music-city that is poised for a serious comeback thanks to Bruno Mars' charttopper "Uptown Funk" recorded at Willie Mitchell's legendary Royal Studios. "It's been great to be back in Memphis at Sam Phillips Recording," Price told Epiphone.  "They've been fixing it up and refurbishing it. It's just amazing. Great energy. They've kept a lot of the original wallpaper and original vibe in place. It's wonderful. The first time I came here it was a bit disheveled so it's great to come back and really see it coming together."