Congrats to longtime Epi jazz man Tim Bowman on his new album, Into the Blue, which reached #2 on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz chart and #5 on Billboard's Jazz Album chart this week. Visit Tim's website for concert dates and a full discography and check out our classic interview where Tim talks about growing up in Michigan, finding his favorite Epiphone Broadway archtop, and his inspiration for playing guitar--George Benson and Roy Clark.

"To me, I'm always trying to think of something that nobody is doing," Bowman told Epiphone. "And there's so much out there, that's a very small lane to drive on. You keep searching--you're always searching. You're always trying to get better. I hear things in my mind all the time but you know to make it really different--that's the thing. I can write a song--that's easy to do. But you have to push that extra effort to find a lane that nobody is in.

I'm a big believer that everybody has their own individual sound and an individual way of writing a song. You know, we can all play the same scale--the same notes, but we will all play them differently. I think that's just inherent in our DNA, our personality."