We're thrilled that Rolling Stone acknowledged that longtime Epi Casino fan Tristen is one of their top artists in the nation to watch. But we're not sure why they put Tristen in the country category. But then, when a national magazine gives you some props, it's hard to complain. Life is tough in the music world and Tristen has plenty to say about that. Read our new interview with Tristen who we regard as one of the great popular artists of our time. No genre badge required.

"I'm not trying to be massively successful," Tristen told Epiphone.com. "I’m trying to make something I like and communicate something to people that is important. And I think that will resonate. I’m just trying to get my record in their hands. I don't think you need to go through those proper channels. They still exist and they're very powerful. But the internet has broken that wide open. But it’s actually more powerful to be respected by artists that broke through those channels. When those people like your music and share it, that’s more powerful than any traditional press outlet."

Check out Tristen's new album Sneaker Waves at your favorite independent record store.