Trivium, featuring Epiphone signature artist Matt Heafy, have extended their European tour through March and have also added appearances at the Woodstock Festival Poland in Kostrzyn Nad Odra on August 3, the Vagos Open Air Festival in Porto, Portugal on August 6, and the Elb Riot festival in Hamburg, Germany on August 18 with more dates to come. The band is supporting their latest album, Silence In the Snow, but plan to be back in the studio this summer. Visit the website for ticket info.

Heafy designed two distinguished Les Paul Customs for Epiphone--a 6-string and a 7-string--both of which have impressed fans and critics.  Read our classic interview with Mr. Heafy which took place after the Vengeance Falls tour.  "The Epiphone MKH 6's and 7's are currently the only guitars I am playing live--a true testament to the quality of the instrument. And to reinstate once again: the same model I play live is the same model anyone can buy in stores; there is no higher model for me and lower model for the fan. Live is the time and place for the band to shine. The records are always done with due justice live, but I always find that there's a nice difference live and by record in comparison with us."