Check out U2s new reissue of their 1987 classic The Joshua Tree in a deluxe box set featuring 4-cds or 7-LPs. Each set includes the original album plus outtakes,  new mixes, a book of photographs by longtime Epiphone Casino fan The Edge, and a live concert from the original tour at Madison Square Garden.

"This mythical America or 'Amerika' – described for us in the movies of Scorsese, Coppola, Wim Wenders, in the music of the blues, and by the authors we were reading at the time ... was a place of fascination for us," wrote Edge in a forward to his photo book. "The promised land, both brutal and beautiful."

Check out The Edge, Jack White, and Jimmy Page jamming on "Kashmir" from the classic guitar showdown, It Might Get Loud, and read more about the History of the Epiphone Casino which celebrates its 56th birthday this year.