Congrats to longtime Epi fan and rising Americana star Aaron Lee Tasjan on his new album, Karma for Cheap. "I made an album called Karma For Cheap," Tasjan wrote on his website. "It's got Brian Wright, Seth Earnest, and Tommy Scifres on it. Sheryl Crow sings on it… I hope you love it. But, hey, there's no pressure, man. Take it easy. Keep it greasy. I am most grateful for the opportunity to see the world in which I live and love these people in it. Gratitude all around. Keep up the good work. Don't give up. Thank you."

Tasjan will play the Sure City Blitz in Huntington Beach, California on October 28 before heading on a UK tour for most of November.  He'll be back in the states later in the month for additional dates in Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Illinois.  Tasjan is not only a terrific songwriter and singer but a guitar player to be reckoned with. Don't miss him live.

Read our interview with Mr. Tasjan from Americana '17 when the young troubadour picked up his new Epiphone Masterbilt Century De Luxe and look for our new feature interview next month. "I always believe that there are guitars with songs in them. I was kind of looking at these and it felt like there are probably some songs in there. My other Epiphone is a jumbo EJ-200 Tobacco Sunburst—Todd Snider’s favorite."