Americana Fest descend on Nashville this week with scheduled appearances by John Prine featuring Epi artist Fats Kaplin along with Aaron Lee Tasjan, Lillie Mae, Will Kimbrough, Marc Ribot, and many more.

Read our interviews with Fats, Aaron, and Lillie Mae and also check out Will Kimbrough's feature interview this month. Also, be sure to watch our Masterbilt Century All-Star Roundtable featuring Fats with Americana legends Buddy Miller and Chris Scruggs as they take the Masterbilt Archtops through their paces.

"It sounds very nice acoustically but the real strength is it's got a nice pickup in it which you can plug it in and play it to 10,000 people and they're going to hear every note," said Scruggs. "I don't think there's another archtop today or that has been produced in the past that comes factory-ready with a pick up quite like this. And it's got controls in the f-hole so you can adjust the volume and the tone. And the battery is easy to access. It's really a working musician's archtop guitar, which that hasn't been considered for a long time. For a long time working musicians didn't use archtop guitars. They got away from it after the folk boom-- the rock 'n' roll boom. Now players are rediscovering archtop guitars like Dave Rawlings-- and finding new voices for them. I love it."  Read the full interview here and play a Masterbilt Century today at our Authorized Epiphone Dealer.