Congrats to Epi fan and songwriter extraordinaire Billy Bragg on receiving the prestigious 2018 Ivors Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music. Billy dropped by Epiphone to celebrate the release of the Masterbilt Century Collection during the 2016 Americana Festival and took home an Epiphone Olympic to finish his tour with co-producer and colleague Joe Henry.

"It (was) a real great addition to the Shine A Light tour," Bragg told Epiphone. "I was initially only going to use my J-45 acoustic for the whole show, including my solo spot, which would have limited me to my more ballady songs. The compact size of the Olympic gives it a little more bite and the neck seems faster. I just felt like I was wielding something with more kinetic power than an ordinary acoustic, which really helped on the BB songs. During the show Joe and I both have sections where we play our own material. With the election coming up, I've been dedicating "Accident Waiting to Happen" to Donald Trump and the Olympic has allowed me to play that chugging riff on the bottom E that I use on a lot of my songs. It simply wouldn't have worked so well on my J-45."

Watch Bragg's performance of his epic classic "New England," and read more about the Masterbilt Century Collection and check them out yourself at an Authorized Epiphone Dealer near you. Also, don't miss Bragg's book, Roots, Radicals, and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World, his insightful and entertaining look at the England's longtime love for American blues and jazz and the amazing story behind the Skiffle craze that inspired The Beatles, Van Morrison, Jimmie Page, and an entire generation of British rockers.  Visit Bragg's website for tour details and stay tuned for news on his upcoming album due later this year.