Congrats to Epi fans Diamante Eléctrico on their new single, "Hacia la noche" ("Toward the Night") from the upcoming album, Buitres, due in September. The trio, who took home a Latin Grammy in 2017, is-- our estimation--one of the most progressive rock 'n' roll bands around today, just ask fans Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons! Read our classic interview with Jack Casady Bass fan Juan Galeano on the formation of the band and of course check out the legendary Jack Casady Bass.

"I had the chance to meet Kike Rangel, the bass player for Cafe Tacuba a couple of years ago and he told me it was his favorite touring bass and he let me try it and immediately I noticed the fat round sound and the defined notes, loved it," Galeano told Epiphone. "And I've always been a fan of the Casino. It's such a beautiful sounding guitar. I'm also obsessed with old Epiphone archtops and acoustics from the 1940 and 50s. They sound beautiful. I also have a Dobro I love, but last time we were in the Gibson/Epiphone offices in Nashville I fell in love with the new all steel model. I'm still trying to get my hands on it!"