Don't miss longtime Epi Signature Artist and diehard Casino fan Dwight Yoakam on the road this fall throughout the U.S. including Texas, Yoakam's home state of Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia. Also, check out Yoakam's new single released last spring, "Pretty Horses" and "Then Here Came Monday," which Yoakam wrote with Americana hero Chris Stapleton. Yoakam can be seen holding his now classic Epiphone Ltd. Ed. "Dwight Trash" Casino Outfit on the cover of the new single which is hopefully a harbinger of his upcoming full-length album.  Stand by for details.

The Dwight Trash Casino featured a beveled reverse Firebird™ headstock, Gibson USA P-90s, and Mini-Grover™ 14:1 Ratio machine heads and sold out almost immediately. Should we bring it back? Stay tuned, check out the video below, and look for more Dwight-worthy news on his official website.