Don't miss Epi fans Black Pistol Fire on tour this summer at the Burbury Music Festival, June 1-3 in Cincinnati with (Epi Masterbilt artist Lillie Mae), the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Spain, and the Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne Switzerland in July along with Epi fans Wolfmother, and Signature Artist Gary Clark Jr.

Check out the new album, Deadbeat Graffiti and watch the duo's exclusive video performance as they audition the Masterbilt Century Collection. Visit the band's website for more info and read our interview with guitarist Kevin McKeown.

"The temptation is always there to bring in a bass player or an organ player or some other element so there can be less pressure so I could experiment more with melodies," McKeown told Epiphone. "That’s what the challenge is. I love it and I hate it at the same time--to come up with a song that is well arranged enough that people don’t miss the other elements.  If you have a great riff and a great beat, then people don’t care about the other stuff.

So, that’s where the challenge comes in. I still love that challenge but who knows? With this new record, we’ve been experimenting with a lot of new sounds and we might start incorporating some new instrumentation to the live show.  We’re always looking for ways to make it more interesting for us. If we did start to bring in other band members, I think we might have to call it something else because Black Pistol Fire really only works when it’s the two of us."