The 17th annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival will be held in Manchester, TN this June 7-10, 2018 and as usual will feature an incredible lineup with lots of Epiphone artists front-and-center like Sheryl Crow with Robert Kearns on bass and Ron Gallo along with the Killers, Eminem, Muse, Future, and Bon Iver. Visit the website to buy tickets and weekend passes. And check out our interview with Mr. Kearns who is a longtime fan of the legendary Jack Casady Bass.

"The first Epiphone bass I ever owned was given to me back in the 90s," Kearns told "My buddy Audley Freed and I had this band Cry of Love that we formed in North Carolina. There was an Epi rep back then who came and gave me a Rivoli Bass. They had reissued those and I loved it and kept it for the longest time. So, I’ve always gravitated towards those type of basses ever since.  When the Jack Casady came out at that time I went for it. For my money and for my ear, I think the Jack Casady is one of the best sounding production basses out there. I just love it. Other basses don’t have the bottom end."

Also, check out our pal Paul McCartney at Bonnaroo from 2013.  About 22 minutes in, you can hear PM perform "Paperback Writer" on his 1963 Epiphone Casino.