Don't miss the Great South Bay Music Festival this weekend in Patchogue, New York featuring legends Electric Hot Tuna with Jack Casady (and his Epiphone Jack Casady Bass) along with Epi fans Little Feat, Allman Brothers founder Dickey Betts and his band, Thrice, and many more.

Read our classic interview with Little Feat's Paul Barrère ("I still use my EJ-200. I can’t tell you how many sound engineers at venues love the sound they get in the front of house with it") and our classic interview with Mr. Cassady who created his "dream bass" two decades ago and was one of the first believers in the new generation of Epiphone instruments.

"I just can't believe it's been 20 years now since my lovely late wife Diana and I worked on these basses, getting the tone right on it, and that it's still out there," Casady told Epiphone. "Because in the world of bass manufacturing it's somewhat of an odd duck to have an f-hole acoustic bass out there. But I'd like to think it's got a good solid position in the market and that it's a versatile instrument. So my Epi basses are treating me just fine."