Check out the new issue of Living Blues magazine which includes a cover story interview with Epi Masterbilt blues hero Jimmy “Duck” Holmes.  “My theory of it--the guys that I came up under--they didn't play the music to make you dance," Holmes told "They played it to tell you a story and they added music to what they was talking about. When they sat down with their guitar and some lyrics, they were telling something they experienced or they knew someone who did. It was a life related experience.” 

The new issue of Living Blues also includes a review of some of the recent cd and LP reissues from John Lee Hooker’s era on Vee Jay Records. Read our interview with Duck Holmes and visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer to play the new Ltd. Ed. John Lee Hooker Zephyr Outfit featuring the classic Zephyr archtop design powered by new Epiphone ProBucker™Mini-Humbucker humbuckers, Wilkinson® Deluxe machine heads, a Premium Vintage Styled Hard Case, and a leather strap. Watch our interview with Hooker's bandleader Roy Rogers for the full story.