Congrats to Epiphone fan and Masterbilt Century artist Fantastic Negrito on his recent appearance on Later…With Jools Holland performing "Plastic Hamburgers" and his interview with Mr. Holland. If you've got the BBC on your cable channel, tune in Saturday, October 27 on BBC 2 to see the entire show.

Fatastic Negrito is the incarnation and brilliant invention of Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz and as Negrito, Dphrepaulezz is now enjoying the third—and so far best—of what he refers to as "acts" in the play of life. Most fans first became aware of Fantastic Negrito with his GRAMMY winning LP, The Last Days of Oakland (Best Contemporary Blues Album), a kaleidoscope rush hour of rock, blues, soul, and Hip Hop driven by his endlessly expressive voice backed by a parade of Epiphone Guitars ("They're tough and funky and ugly and beautiful, like me!")

The success of his new album, is keeping Negrito busy, performing at the world's major festivals and making fans of a wide, diverse, and sometimes argumentative (not to mention challenged) audience who seldom see Negrito's level of fearlessness in an era when most artists are looking over their shoulder when they're not staring at their phone seeking instant feedback.  Read our new interview and visit his website for a full tour schedule.

"I'm not a genius. I'm pulling from this amazing garden, this amazing history that was planted a long, long time ago. Everybody got a hold of it. Rural white people got a hold of it, the English, the Irish, James Brown. So I'm just picking from this amazing, beautiful garden. I don't really know who my audience is, they're all over the map. Which could be a nightmare for the marketing people but that's their problem! I don't care. Let it be what it is. I think it's cool."