Happy Birthday to Epiphone Signature Artist and rock legend Jack Casady who celebrates his birthday today, April 13.  Mr. Casady--along with being a founding member of Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Bass Player magazine Hall of Fame--has also been one of Epiphone's leading music ambassadors over the last two decades. 

In 2017, Casady and Epiphone celebrated the 20th anniversary of his Jack Casady Signature Bass, which has quietly become a must-have for the best bassists in the world. At one time, the Jack Casady Bass was on tour with Hot Tuna, Jack White, Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, the Stone Roses, Emmylou Harris, Diamante Electrico, and Joe Bonamassa in the same month at festivals around the world. And we're already seeing that enthusiasm for the Jack Casady Bass in the next generation of rockers. Read our classic interview and discover the Jack Casady Signature Bass at your favorite Authorized Epiphone Dealer. Thank you, Jack, for your support and enthusiasm for Epiphone. Happy Birthday!

"My Epi basses are treating me just fine," Casady told Epiphone.com. "Jim Rosenberg (Epiphone President) is not only a good friend, but he and everyone at Epiphone really puts forth the necessary mechanical means behind putting this bass out on the market. I just can't believe it's been 20 years now since my lovely late wife Diana and I worked on these basses, getting the tone right on it, and that it's still out there. Because in the world of bass manufacturing it's somewhat of an odd duck to have an f-hole acoustic bass out there. But I'd like to think it's got a good solid position in the market and that it's a versatile instrument. 

"And one of my concerns was that it was one thing to do a custom version but I wanted to make sure the production version held up. So every year, I get two new basses of whatever the production line is and take them out on the road and play them so I know the quality is right up to snuff."