Happy Birthday to longtime Epi fan Noel Gallagher whose fondness for Epiphone archtops and Les Pauls helped to power his former band Oasis into supernova pop-star status. Today, Gallagher and His High Flying Birds are on tour throughout Europe in support of their new album, Who Built the Moon, with a scheduled date with pal Paul Weller at the Downs Festival in September.

Wherever your travels take you this year, don't miss the chance to see Gallagher in concert (or read his spot-on and often hilariously grumpy quotes on what's happening--or not happening--in the world of pop music). Also, be sure to check out the newly remastered Oasis catalog (from Abbey Road studios, of course!). Many of Oasis' classic singles feature Epiphone Casinos, Rivieras, and Les Pauls along with Noel's prized and hard-traveled EJ-200SCE acoustic/electric. Happy Birthday, Noel, from your friends at Epiphone!