Hot Tuna will be back on the road starting March 24 with a show at one of their favorite haunts, Fur Peace Station in Pomeroy, Ohio, and will continue through the spring visiting Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. The band will be acoustic for most shows but will plug in for the Dark Star Jubilee May 25-27 in Thornville, Ohio.

Read our classic interview with Jack Casady about his early days in Washington D.C., meeting Jorma Kaukonen and joining Jefferson Airplane, and the design of his now legendary Jack Casady Signature Bass which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

My job --and what I want my legacy to be-- is to make something with universal appeal. I wanted to get the instrument to where a jazz player or a pop player or a folk player or a rock player could find that instrument and work inside the instrument with their own technique," Casady told "It's my feeling that having that single pickup in the sweet spot allows you to then move your hands dynamically over the 'sking' length of the strings.

And through various techniques, a player can pull out the different sounds. But at the same time, it's a true, real sound. It has a transformer with an impedance selector. One of the things I started to shy away from in all the early developments of bass electronics in the 60s is back then we were trying to make the instruments more hi-fidelity. We were able to extend the dynamic range but then I found out that the preamp limits you somewhat. You might find an instrument that has an unusual sound but then you're stuck with that sound all night long."