Check out Epi signature artist James Bay live at the TRNSMT festival in Scotland with his new Ltd. Ed. James Bay 1966 Century (at around the 27:20 mark).

Bay’s Signature 1966 Century is an incredibly accurate recreation of his customized vintage 1966 Epiphone Century archtop in an Gloss Cherry finish and features a Kinman® Noiseless "Sweet Neck" P-90, a reissue of the 60s era compensated floating bridge with brass wheels, a James Bay “Hat Man” headstock logo, WilkinsonTM Deluxe machine heads, USA made “CTS” 500K pots, and a reissue of an Epiphone 60s era hard case plus a hand-signed photo and custom strap. spoke with Bay just prior ot the release of his new album, Electric Light.
“I quite enjoy the fact that it can sound like an acoustic and that it's not a deep body," Bay told Epiphone. "I put 12s on it and take them down a whole step. And there's something about that—it gets quite guttural and stays very resonant. I can tell you for the new record, I got an old Epiphone Coronet and it's played a big part in the making of the record along with the Century. I'm loving the Coronet and everything, but it's just a plank of wood (laughs). It doesn't have the resonance. I enjoy the Century as an acoustic instrument. And then in-between that it sounds great plugged-in and unplugged. When you have the Century plugged in, it still feels like an acoustic instrument, like a resonant 'box' guitar. And I think that combo feels like there's a lot of air moving and some kind of carnage going on. I love that.”
Bay’s tour of the U.S. will kick off at the historic Ryman Auditorium on March 3 and will continue through April 2019.  Visit Bay’s website for more info and try out his Signature Ltd. Ed. 1966 Century at your favorite Authorized Epiphone Dealer today.