Congrats to rising star and longtime Epi fan Kim Logan on the video debut for her new single, a smoldering  cover of the 1964 Serge Gainsbourg classic, "Couleur Cafe" which has its world premier on on August 10. Logan filmed the video at Ringling College of Art and Design film school in her hometown of Sarasota, Florida. "It’s my first French-language release," said Logan. "It has lots of tropical vibes for summer, and it features shots of my little Zenith Masterbilt, which I am currently playing on a tour of the American west with SoFar Sounds," said Logan.  "The Zenith is such a great instrument--a true singer's guitar.  It has great tone, great balance, and will give back whatever you put into it."

Visit Kim Logan's website for tour details and read our terrific interview where Logan talks about the road from singing opera to rock 'n' roll and back again.
"You can’t understand the mechanism of what you’re doing in opera unless you take this anatomy class that lets you know what’s going on inside," Logan told Epiphone. "You can’t sing opera without hurting yourself unless you have some freak of nature natural instrument.  You have to raise and soften your palate. You have to not put any pressure on you throat—you can’t feel anything when you’re singing properly. Or that you need to tighten muscles underneath to create the accordion that is your voice. That affects my songwriting and it effects the translation of my songwriting ideas."