Masterbilt Cenetury fan and one of our favorites Third Man Records recording artist Lillie Mae will make her first solo tour of Australia this month with Joshua Hedley with visits to Newton, Sydney, Castlemaine, Melbourne, Oakleigh, and Broadbeach. Mae has also been added to the OYO Arts & Music Festival in Ashland, Kentucky October 13 with Shooter Jennings. Visit Lillie Mae's website for details and read our classic interview about moving to Nashville with her family band Jypsy to work with Sun Records legend Cowboy Jack Clement.

"Cowboy was a character," recalled Lillie Mae in an interview with Epiphone in Nashville. "He asked us: "You guys know any twin fiddle parts?" And we said, "Yup." We didn't do any twin fiddles at that point (laughs). Cowboy left the room, went to the kitchen, probably to roast a marshmallow over the stove, and came back and we had worked up a harmony to whatever instrumental we were doing. So, 30 seconds later, yup, we know twin fiddles.

He moved us here immediately. We had some incredible experiences over there. I was 8 or 9 and being over at Cowboy Jack's every day, meeting all those cats that were hanging out over there—wow. We recorded tons. We made movies. He put me in acting classes—he invested a lot in us. And we stayed in touch with him as much as possible until he died. The door was always open. He's so missed...When you went to Cowboy's, you saw everybody. It was such a unique group. Since Cowboy passed away, I haven't seen 90% of those people. That's the sad thing. Where did they go? I don't know."