Legendary Epi fans Little Feat, featuring Paul Barrère and Fred Tackett, will be on the road with the full band as well as the group’s other incarnation, Funky Feat, this fall including several concerts in October with the redoubtable Los Lobos. Read our interview with Mr. Barrère and check out the band’s website for more info including the new collection of their classic Warner Brothers LPs featuring the late great Lowell George.

“I was lucky enough to have known Lowell from Hollywood High School,” recalled Barrère. “He liked the garage band I had been playing with, the Led Enema. I mean, who wouldn’t love a band with a name like that? Lowell kind of left me alone to create my own space but made sure that I heeded the words of Van Dyke Parks: ‘less is more and it’s the space between the notes that is important to a song.’ The lessons I had learned from Lowell about songwriting and playing really served me well. Now that I am the main slide guitarist and vocalist, it worked out because I knew I wasn’t Lowell and had to remain myself and use my own techniques to keep it believable.”
Barrère is often seen on stage with both an Epiphone Sheraton, a vintage Excellente, and his ever-present EJ-200SCE.


“For my acoustic gigs I still use my EJ-200SCE. I can’t tell you how many sound engineers at venues love the sound they get in the front of house with it. It’s simply the best of any acoustic/electric guitars I’ve ever used."