Epiphone punk rock heroes The Mahones are on tour this summer throughout Europe promoting their epic new album, Love+Death+Redemption. Epiphone.com spoke with leader Finny McConnell about the new album which was inspired by the loss of McConnell's mother, The Mahones #1 fan.

"I thought next time I'm going to do a record and only have eight songs on it! It's gonna be nice, quick, short--a half hour. And unfortunately it turned out to be an album called Love, Death, and Redemption, about my mother's death last year," said Finney. "I went through a bad year. A lot of trauma and stuff--PTSD. So I wrote this album and did an Irish album for her.

Then I did a covers album and then I did an unplugged album. All completely different. Something for everybody. I thought: I'll do four albums at once because nobody does that. And I'll release one every three months. I might even release them for free digitally. Because, the music scene has changed so much now. I don't get paid from any of those digital places. They're all getting rich and I'm not getting any money. So why don't I just give it directly to the fans for free?"

Read the full interview and check out Mr. McConnell's favorite Epiphone, the Les Paul Custom with Alnico Classic™ Humbuckers and the classic Epiphone Hummingbird PRO featuring a Solid Spruce Top and the Shadow™ ePerformer™ Preamp system.