Epiphone fans in France, Spain, and the UK will not want to miss the remaining Jared James Nichols' guitar clinics. See the schedule below and Jared's facebook page for details. Whoever said that lightning can't strike the same place twice probably never visited Waukesha, Wisconsin, the hometown of Epi hero Les Paul and the amazing Mr. Nichols who was first introduced to our fans last fall when he visited Epiphone HQ in Nashville to film two demonstration videos for his Korina Flying V and his Ltd. Ed. Inspired by "1955" Les Paul Custom™. What at home fans didn't see was the face-melting concert Nichols performed for the Epiphone staff that brought all designing, tuning, packing, and shipping to a virtual standstill.  

Be sure to check out Nichols' guitar clinics featuring his blazing fretwork and his thoughtful tips and tricks on how to make the most of your guitar. Also, check out our classic interview as well as his latest album, Black Magic. And stay on Epiphone.com or your favorite Authorized Epiphone Dealer for info Nichols' two road axes--the Korina Flying V and his newest favorite, Ltd. Ed. Inspired by "1955" Les Paul Custom™.

"I first played it before a show in LA and honestly, I was blown away, Nichols told Epiphone. "I couldn't believe it. I haven't played another guitar since. I prefer Les Pauls with P-90s. For the style that I like, I don't mind the buzz and I don't mind a little more dirt in the sound because I think it just adds to the character. The P-90 is a lot more of a deeper sound to me. Not a lot of guys play with them. I think they're just scared of them!"

Jared James Nichols Guitar Clinics
13th September – Metal Guitar, Paris, France
15th September — Euro Guitar, Lille, France 
18th September – Txirula, Spain