Longtime Epi fan Todd Snider will be on tour throughout the U.S. starting next month and will stay on the road through February, 2019. Snider will kick off his road work on November 5 at the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin and will stop over in Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, and Delaware before heading to Texas for residencies at Mainstreet Crossing in Tomball and world famous Gruene Hall in New Braunfels. Look for a new interview later this year and read our classic interview where Snider talks about his constant road companion, his Epiphone EJ-200.

"It’s a long story but it’s got a good ending," Snider told Epiphone. "When I had that song "Talkin Seattle...," I always wanted a jumbo Gibson because I thought that's what the Rolling Stones used and Emmylou Harris used. So, I called Gibson and asked if I could have a jumbo Gibson and they told me that me my song was not popular enough to be making that phone call. But maybe it was doing well enough to let me try the Epiphone jumbo that they were trying to promote at the time. And I got that and definitely fell in love with it.

A couple years later they wanted to give me a Gibson. I didn't want it. I've given a bunch of them (Epiphones) away. Since my first album, I've written every song I've written on those jumbo Epiphones. I believe the low end has that "Country Honk" (*Ed, acoustic version of "Honky Tonk Women" from The Rolling Stones 1969 album Let It Bleed) sound of the Stones.

I feel like the jumbo Epiphones with medium strings are the way to get it. When it was time for me to try a Gibson, I felt like the high end was too bright for me. So I stuck with my Epiphone. I just never, ever went back. The first time I used one was on Austin City Limits and I remember hearing the monitors at sound check and thinking: I've been wanting this sound my whole life. And I finally have it. And I've had so many people try to talk me out of my guitar. Jerry Jeff always say: 'but it's too heavy, you're getting old.' I say, nah, I don't care."