Don’t miss Epiphone hero Paul McCartney on his Freshen Up tour next year in support of his new album Egypt Station. Sir Paul and his redoubtable band—which has been going strong longer than The Beatles or Wings—will be in the UK in December performing in Liverpool, Glasgow, and London.  Next March 2019, McCartney will play four dates in South America and then will return to the U.S. in May. So far, there are a dozen cities on the U.S. tour including New Orleans, Raleigh, Lexington, and Dallas with more to come. Visit McCartney’s website for details and of course visit his favorite Epiphones, the Casino and the Texan, and try one today at your Authorized Epiphone Dealer. 
Also, check out our exclusive interview with Andy Babiuk, author of Beatles Gear and the world’s foremost expert on The Beatles favorite instruments, including how John, Paul, and George first stumbled on the Casino and made it their go-to instrument from 1964 onward. 
"I believe (McCartney’s Epiphones) were purchased at Sound City because that was the shop they would frequent and buy from. They had a rapport with the guys at Sound City. It was right in Charing Cross Road," said Babiuk"
"McCartney bought his Casino and Texan right in London. John Mayall told me that the pubs in England would close at 11pm so if you wanted to continue drinking, you had to go to somebody's house. Mayall lived in Central London and had a great blues record collection and a lot of his musician friends would go to his flat to listen. He said McCartney was hanging out with him quite a bit in late 1964 and asking how he got all the sounds on these blues records--B.B. King and guys like that. And Mayall told him you gotta get a hollowbody electric guitar. Now at the time in late 1964, McCartney could have called The Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, and said: 'You know Brian, I want to get a hollowbody electric, can you get me a left handed one? Can you call Gibson or Epiphone in the United States and get me a lefty?' And I would have to say that both Epiphone or Gibson would have bended over backwards in getting him a lefty. But Paul didn't care--he just wanted to shop and went out and bought them."