Congrats to longtime Epi fan and Modfather Paul Weller who is the recipient of the Q Awards 'Best Act in the World Today.' Weller also presented the Classic Album Award to one of his favorite bands, The Kinks, the for The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society which will be re-released in a special 50th anniversary package next month. If you live in the UK, be sure to visit Weller's website to enter to win tickets to his BBC Radio 2 concert on November 1 and check out his great new album, True Meanings.  

For decades Weller's favorite guitar on stage has been a vintage 1964 Casino. Read our history of the Casino as well as our in-depth interview with Beatles Gear author Andy Babiuk on how The Beatles discoverd the Casino.

"Historically, at that time period at the end of '64, they were doing a stint of shows in London so they didn't have to travel," recalled Babiuk. "They were booked to perform three weeks of Christmas shows at the same venue at Astoria Cinema in Finsbury Park. Each one was sold out. They had to just show up and play for 30 minutes. But they didn't have to travel so they had a lot of time to just hang out in London. And that's the time period where they acquired a lot of new instruments. The two notables for McCartney were the Casino and the Texan and he got them almost simultaneously. He began using the Texan to write "Yesterday." And the first thing he used the Casino for was the lead guitar to "Ticket to Ride.""