Don't miss Epi fan Peter Frampton on tour with the Steve Miller Band this summer. Frampton will first perform a concert at the Rogers Centre in Toronto on June 1 with Journey and Def Leppard before heading out with Mr. Miller and his redoubtable band on June 12 for their first show in Evansville, Indiana with scheduled stops in Chicago, New York City, Cincinnati, and Baltimore. Frampton told that he and Miller typically join together for several songs at the end of the show.

"We do about 3 or 4—and sometimes more—numbers," said Frampton. "He invites me up on his stage for his set. We do blues numbers. I'm going to sing a couple this year with him. The bands are molding into one. I think that's so much more fun for the audience. Steve and I have known each other since '71 or so. Met in London. Introduced by Glyn Johns, the engineer. We have such a great history as friends and musicians. It's a wonderful show and it's one of those tours that people come for both acts. That's why we're doing it again. I can't wait"

Visit Peter Frampton's website for more tour info and don't miss our recent interview where Mr. Frampton talks about discovering his Epiphone Texan, playing Buddy Holly songs with David Bowie ("probably "Maybe Baby"…"Peggy Sue...") and his prototype signature model. "I played the prototype on a British TV show the day before yesterday and it sounded incredible. I'm so thrilled and honored."