Pokey LaFarge will bring his ace band on a tour of the U.S. this spring with a kick off at the Brooklyn Folk Festival on April 8. The tour includes stops in Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and California.  Don't miss one of the most exciting live shows on the road today and read our classic interview with Mr. LaFarge where he talks about his love of his 1946 Epiphone Spartan.

"I find arch tops to be the most complete guitar, besides a resophonic guitar. My archtop cuts, man. I'm still exploring the sound of it and I've since started tuning it a whole step down and that gives it a deeper tone," LaFarge told Epiphone. "Timelessness is what I'm working towards and time is the very thing it will take in order to solidify myself in the eyes of the world. I'll let the fads fade away, I'll let the generations evolve, and I'll evolve with them. But it's important for people to remember that any legendary musician has had one foot in his roots and one in the future."

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